FREE Messenger Marketing Platform – Helping Business from Corona Crisis

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The name is on the news platforms, social media, messengers and everywhere now.

The above term refers to beverages, suns’ outer surface, crown, even a city in California but a deadly virus coined by name “CORONA” is threatening lives around the globe.

Governments & Organizations are taking measures to stop this life-sucking virus from spreading and curing the people who are affected.

We hope that you and your close ones are safe & healthy now.

People are advised to separate and quarantine themself from the crowd. Also, most of the population are staying inside their shelter and taking care of their families.

Isolated Intentionally

To stop the spread of this pandemic virus people started isolated themself by staying in their homes intentionally.

It impacts businesses on loss of sales mostly businesses having physical stores.

Since people are not coming out now to purchase anything they need, stores and shops become empty and vague which is making the business suffer in this condition.

Most physical stores got closed and shut down due to the lockdown activities on corona prevention from spreading.

Now is the time business that needs to choose different ways and methods to reach their customers and start selling their products in a simple and easy way.

Messenger Chatbots as a Saviour

Having a messenger chatbot on your side for your business will help you a lot at this moment. Let me explain how a messenger chatbot builds on SilFer Bot platform will become a saviour for your business at this moment.

Just take a moment and list out “When (why-the reason) do you need to interact with your customers?” 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a physical store or eCommerce business, every business should talk to their customers at least once in a day. 


It may be a customer query or support questions or suggestion or expert help and the list goes on based on the business and its requirement.

If your shop or online store activities are not performing actively doesn’t mean that you had to pause the sales activities.

This is where the messenger chatbot comes into the picture and it can work as a virtual assistant for your business by,

  • Handling customer queries and support questions,
  • Suggest, recommend and sell the products,
  • Promote, leverage and boost your business

All of the above can be done in an automated and engaging manner.

Any phase of customer interaction with your business can be automated with the help of SilFer Bots platform so that you can create a Messenger chatbot for your business to work 24*7*365 seamlessly.

Customer Support – Using SilFer Bots in-build A.I feature you can build your messenger chatbot to recognise and answer the consumer queries seamlessly. Check the demo video from our youtube channel to know how a messenger chatbot is responding to a customer question.

Sales (eCommerce) – If you have a physical store you can also sell inside the messenger platform using chatbots. Since SilFer Bots native eCommerce features it will be easy for you to add products here inside the platform itself and you can integrate your Shopify or WooCommerce online stores with the platform in minutes. Check the video below to know how this works.

Marketing (Promotion) – It is possible to send the discounts, coupons and offers to your audience through the messenger chatbots with complete personalisation. This will help you to establish your business as a BRAND and give your customers a thought that you are caring about them.

Isn’t that cool?

Like we are saying always, SilFer Bots is here to help the business on reaching more customer, sell more products, and stay in touch with customer 24*7.

Let’s come to the core of this blog post now. 

Since a lot of businesses are struggling because of the lockdown & quarantine process, SilFer Bots is offering the platform FREE to access its PRO features.

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Free Messenger Marketing Platform

We know that a business can achieve its main goal & vision when they give hand and offer the solution to its customers’ when they need it.

That is the reason why SilFer Bots is giving FREE access to its PRO features on the platform for six months.

Yes, FREE access to the PRO features for SIX MONTHS. No need to pay any penny or copper till this period. You can build the messenger chatbot for your business and start selling in minutes.

With this FREE PRO access to the SilFer Bots platform, you can get

  • No limitations on subscribers,
  • No limitations on tags & custom fields,
  • Unlimited Broadcasting,
  • Integration feature with 20+ apps,
  • Sponsored messages,
  • No SilFer Bots branding

So how can you avail this FREE PRO plan for your chatbot?

  1. Click the banner below,
  2. SilFer Bots Messenger chatbot will guide you to get the coupon.
  3. Apply them on your account inside the platform.
  4. Start building Messenger Chatbots for FREE
free messenger marketing platform

If you are confused or don’t have an idea on how to use these messenger chatbots to reach and stay in touch with your audience, read the remaining blog post to know the ways to use these messenger chatbots for your purpose.

Ways to Use Messenger Chatbots Now

Here we listed some of the useful ways that you can use messenger chatbots for your business.

You can use “n” number of ways based on your creativity and knowledge on reaching your audience efficiently.

Let Your Audience Know

Show your customers that your business is active during this corona crisis period and they can purchase from you through the messenger chatbot.


Here are some ideas, 

  • Send them a newsletter & text about the accessibility of business through messenger chatbot,
  • Give a shoutout on your social media accounts and provide the bot link to make them come to your chatbot,
  • Give the bot link on all possible places like profile caption, bio caption, etc.
  • Circulate a QR code that links to your messenger chatbot and make them come through this way. Since QR codes are printables, you can paste them in possible places.

Approach your audience in every possible way and don’t let this corona lockdown pause your business activities.

Handle Interactions Completely

Configure the chatbot set up to handle the consumer queries in an automated way so that they can contact your business anytime they want. And their queries will get served with proper replies using SilFer Bots in-built A.I and Messenger chatbot’s automation duo.

Sell Inside the Messenger Platform

Utilise our native eCommerce feature and start adding products to your messenger chatbot to sell them automatically inside the messenger platform.

You will find a lot of options and settings to configure your eCommerce section in our platform, go through them all carefully and sell your products efficiently.

Check this knowledge base section to know more: eCommerce.

Also, check our eCommerce tutorial video playlist on our YouTube channel here.

Abandoned Cart & Reminders

One of the biggest headaches for selling products online is the abandonment of products on the cart. It will take some time and the customer need to get reminded about the abandoned product to make them buy.

SilFer Bots has a feature that will send an abandoned cart reminder to your audience at a particular time interval.

Templates at your Ease

To start your messenger marketing with ease and less efforts, we had messenger chatbots templates available in our marketplace. 

Along with templates, some flows are also there in the marketplace to help building chat flows with ease.

You can use the complete template on your message chatbot by installing them using a single button.

Check those templates using the link here: Marketplace

Take Care of your Family & Business

Though corona is threatening lives and endangering them, governments & organizations are making efforts to make the world safe for living.

Take effective measures to prevent you and your closed ones from the virus.

Don’t let this situation slow down your process, use this opportunity to find a new way of doing business and reaching your customers.

Let us know if you need any help through our messenger chatbot.

Stay Home & Stay Safe!