Google Sheets Integration with SilFer Bots

Still, feeding the subscribers details manually on spreadsheets?

Tired of working on complex integrations to dispense coupons, pass, or even content to your subscribers?

Messenger chatbots created from SilFer Bots are helping the people to automate their process inside the Facebook Messenger platform.

To make the automation process easier we made an update on the platform – Google sheets Integration with SilFer Bots platform.

So now you can pull the subscriber’s details, pick the value and change the existing values on the Google sheets on a flow.

Next Step on Automation in 2020

SilFer Bots integration with Google sheets will give you more power on chatbot automation.

Imagine a messenger chatbot flow can collect subscribers details on the flow, can give the coupon or discount codes and also can change the existing subscribe details on the Google sheets.

This takes the automation on messenger chatbots to the next level to save your time and energy.

Like we said before, messenger chatbots build from SilFer Bots platform can help people to automate their business interaction on Facebook messenger with their subscribers to,

  • Generate Leads, 
  • Segment and qualify prospects,
  • Promote product or service,
  • Sell products inside the platform,
  • Segregate queries on customer support,
  • Get & Re-Schedule appointments,
  • Get reviews, suggestions & feedback,
  • Product & order update and a lot more.

To make these above process more easier you can integrate the Google sheets with SilFer Bots platform in simple steps.

Let’s see how to integrate Google Sheets and how it works with our platform. Check the video at the end of this blog post to know more about integration and action of Google Sheets with SilFer Bots.

Here is the video explaining the Google Sheets integration with SilFer Bots platform:

Google Sheets Integration with SilFer Bots

Integrating SilFer Bots with Googe sheets can be done by simple steps given below,

  • Step 1: Select Menu on the top-left corner of the page
  • Step 2: Go to Settings and Select Integrations on the top menu.
  • Step 3: Look for Google Sheets Integration field and click the Connect button
  • Step 4: Now, you need to choose the account associated with the Google Sheet.
  • Step 5: Now, click Allow button to complete the integration process
  • Step 6: Once the integration is done, you will get the integration window like this image below.
Google sheet integration with SilFer Bots

To know more about this integration with step by step image explanation, check our knowledge base article on “How Can I connect my Google sheet with SilFer Bots?

How does this Google Sheets Integration work?

Your messenger chatbot flow can be integrated with the Google sheet of your choice to pull over the subscribers’ data from the conversation to the online spreadsheet automatically. These are the activities that you can do with SilFer Bots + Google Sheets integration:

  • Send Data to Google Sheets,
  • Get Row(Value) from Google Sheets,
  • Update Google Sheet Row.

Before creating any of the above actions you need to create a Google sheet with some preset information first. 

Let’s say if you are conducting a premium event and want to collect the user details as well send them a unique entry i.d for every participant attending the event on the messenger platform with the help of chatbots.

Now create a Google sheet with the required column title which you need to collect the details from the flow like this,

Google sheets sample data

Now we will how can we perform the above said three actions on this spreadsheet.

Send Data to Google Sheets:

Select the Action tab on the flow builder options and click Google Sheets on the list of actions.

Google sheet action in SilFer Bots

Choose the action(Send data to Google Sheets) and select the name of the spreadsheet that you wants to add on the flow. Then choose the worksheet on this Google sheet setup wizard.

Now match the SilFer Bots bot data to the Google column titles. All the custom fields, subscribers data, bot data can be available to send to the spreadsheet.

Google sheet setup wizard

Once the subscriber chooses the details on the flow, it will get stored automatically on this worksheet and the spreadsheet appears like this.

Send data Google sheet action

This is how you can get subscribers’ details on the messenger chatbot flow.

Get Row(Value) from Google Sheets

Now its time to provide your event participants a unique entry i.d on the chat flow.

To perform this you need to select the different worksheet to get a value from the row-wise.

Before that, you need to create,

  • User Field (Number) “unique_i.d” in SilFer Bots,
  • Custom user field(Number) “user_id” in SilFer Bots,
  • Another custom user field(Text) “unique_id” in SilFer Bots,

And create a worksheet with unique i.d on the same spreadsheet like this,

Get row from Google Sheet Action

Then select Action on the flow builder options to choose “Google Sheets” on the list.

Click Get Row from Google Sheets and select the worksheet (i.e. Unique i.d) to pull the data by row-wise.

Now you have to enter these data on the Google sheet wizard,

  • Lookup column (from Google Sheet column (i.e. No.))
  • Lookup value (from number user field (i.e. unique_i.d) from SilFer Bots
  • SilFer Bots data to match the Google sheet titles

This is how getting value by row action feature works, 

  1. SilFer Bots takes the User Field value “unique_id” in this case and look for the value on the worksheet to save it in the corresponding custom user field “user_id”.
  2. Then it will find the row matches that custom field and get the value from “Unique i.d” column with the respective row.

For example: If the chatbot finds the value of user field (unique_id) as 5, then it becomes the lookup value and it will go to the worksheet to check for the row with that value. Now the chatbot will choose the row value (Unique id) “6b2ced92” and assign it to the custom user field “unique_id” to provide the value to the subscriber.

Then the subscriber will receive their unique entry i.d as “6b2ced92”.

Update Google Sheets Row

Another option on this Google sheet action is the coolest one which can auto-update(change) the details on the worksheet (if needed) that you have already collected.

Select the worksheet on the Google action setup wizard and select,

  • Lookup column
  • Lookup value,
  • Bot data to match the Google column titles
Update Google Sheet Row Action

Then publish the flow, the changes on the user data will get updated automatically on the Google worksheet.

Note that you can always change the spreadsheets and its structure at your convenience, but don’t forget to refresh the fields on Google setup wizard.

Additional Power to the Automation

Adding more power to the automation will make the work easier by saving time and money, even energy.

To values that, SilFer Bots integration with Google sheets will give you more option and opportunity to collect, store, read and update user data automatically where you don’t have to spend time on entering the information manually.

Hope this blog post can help you to understand the SilFer Bots + Google Sheets integration and its capabilities. If you need any help or had any query to clear feel free to reach us by tapping the messenger bubble on the down-right corner of the website.