Amazing Results – Sold 50 Orders in 7 Days using Messenger Chatbot (Case Study)

Messenger Marketing is widely adopted by many businesses as well as marketers because it provides the maximum conversion rate and also it is helping both customers and businesses in many ways by using messenger chatbots in their marketing strategies.

SilFer Bots is providing the complete messenger marketing platform to sculpt your messenger chatbots in a way to reduce the burden on your marketing efforts.

Here in this case study blog post, we are going to talk about “How 10x guru had sold 50 orders in just 7 days by using messenger chatbot that is built on SilFer Bots platform?”

10X Guru:

Praveen Mishra, also known as “10X Guru” who is helping to build the best online sales funnel and a consultant, coach and trainer. 

He used messenger chatbots which are built on SilFer Bots platform for his client and got 50 orders and 92 enquiries in just 7 days. These numbers are showing the potential of messenger chatbots by levitating the conversion rates and other business metrics.


The main objective of this campaign is to increase the product’s conversions so that it will drive more sales. Since he is the funnel guru, he had already created the best sales funnel for this campaign so that the audience can be converted into customers with less effort.

So, how did he do that to obtain 50 orders in 7 days?


To achieve maximum sales on any product the first thing you need to do is to get the product more attention and visibility. We know that the widely used method to get more visibility and awareness in the short span of time can be done by advertisements.

Praveen’s client is an Australia based company targeting U.S audience to convert them into customers. Also, he ran the Facebook Ad on Christmas holiday, we know how hard on that time to drive sales at that time. Because every business in the world had worked on the digital mediums to get more sales.


He chooses Facebook Ads to reach the custom audience with “send message” as the CTA along with some eye-catching creatives.

This is the Facebook Ad which results in 50 orders on 7 days,

Facebook "Send Message" Ad

The Facebook Ads are well-optimized for both Android and iOS users so that it will be delivered efficiently. And when some people click the CTA button, it will go to the messenger where he already built a Messenger chatbot flow to serve the audience comes from this Facebook Ads. 

So, once the audience clicks the Facebook Ad they will come to their messenger to interact with the messenger chatbot developed in SilFer Bots platform for his client.

People started showing interest in exploring more about the product on Facebook ads and the conversation flow makes the custom audience to move down to the funnel to convert them as customers.

Facebook Ad screenshot

Why SilFer Bots for Messenger Chatbots? 

SilFer Bots as a complete messenger marketing platform providing the conversational marketing solution through messenger chatbots. Since it has native integration capabilities with 15+ apps, in-built A.I to trigger reply and native eCommerce support and lot more features.

Also, you can create sponsored messenger ads inside the SilFer Bots platform, so you don’t have to switch between two platforms to create sponsored messages and its chat flow.

Features used on SilFer Bots:

SilFer Bots has many tools to make your messenger marketing progress easy and effective.

Facebook JSON for Messenger Ads

He has used JSON for Messenger Ads feature on SiFer Bots to deliver the messenger chat flow created for the particular Facebook Ads.

That JSON code generated for particular chat flow has to be placed while configuring Facebook Ads on Advertisement Manager.

Praveen created a simple message related to that ad along with a CTA. Then the CTA is linked with the rest of the chat flow which turns the ad visitors into customers.

Messenger Chatflow Basic Builder

SilFer Bots supports basic builder (as of now) to create the messenger chat flow as per your need. This basic builder will let you use many actions and features for creating an engaging and converting messenger chat flows.

He created the chat flow which has to follow the process with the CTA linked on the Facebook Ad message. He used different format of information like text, images, gallery, and also he added links to buy his client’s product. 

This chat flow with proper information and converting capability helps his client to sell more products through messenger chatbots.

Messenger Chatbot Basic Builder


As per the post title, Praveen gets 50 orders in just 7 days for his client using Facebook Ads and Messenger Chatbots build in SiFer Bots platform. 

In this campaign, he configured the Facebook Ad and messenger chatbot flow.

That’s it.

The rest has taken care of by messenger chatbots in an automated manner.

The is one of the potentials of messenger chatbots & messenger marketing, lots of businesses are started using messenger chatbots to leverage their business.

Get started today to get more business.