Super Charge your eCommerce Funnel using Messenger Marketing

Visitors are wandering around your online store, adding products on the cart list and leaving them instead of purchasing the items.

Did visitors get overwhelmed or show no interest to visit your app (website) and buy products from your eCommerce store?

Is it hard for your eCommerce business to get a new customer as much as retaining the old one?

Well, you are not alone. I bet that almost 80% of eCommerce businesses are facing these same problems with their customers and roughly over 2-3% of businesses are using messenger chatbots strategies on their eCommerce funnel.

Rise of technology and the penetration has elevated the eCommerce industry into heights and it also brought the same industry with mystical level challenges that companies are spending millions of dollars to find the efficient result to solve these challenges with the help of technology.

Biggest Challenge till Now

It doesn’t matter which kind of eCommerce you are in.

Abandoned Carts,

Purchase Guidance,

Product Research.

These are the major challenges that most of the eCommerce business people are facing right now.

The solutions that are discovered will never last long because its a B2C kind and those businesses need to interact with a lot of people(that you can’t imagine) throughout their business platform (eCommerce store) to sell products.

All those solutions available right now are only temporary unless they will satisfy the complete personalization expectation of an online customer.

Yes, PERSONALIZATION is the key solution for all your problems that you are facing on your eCommerce business.

Role of Messenger Chatbots


They are specialized in delivering personalized content to the audience in an effective way.

“At the right time, to the right person, through the right medium, with the right product.”

I think this will be the better & long-lasting solution for all head breaks that the eCommerce industry is facing right now.

Five years ago, chatbots were just new technology and digital medium to promote business and provide service to the customers. Now the true potentials of messenger chatbots are getting recognized by people and they are being used online widely from acquiring leads to help choose the right product to guide the customer for purchase to retarget the audience with upsells.

Messenger Chatbots has been started by many businesses online and people really love getting the reply from their favourite business through messenger bots. Because messenger bots can

  • Give Instant replies in seconds,
  • Always be there to serve 24*7*365,
  • Provide seamless & personalized experience,

All these above things can be done in an automated manner and it makes the messenger chatbots feel so special among the users and business (who truly realized the capability) these days. 

Messenger Chatbots can be used for any business.

Whether it’s an online or physical store.

Also, bots can be used for all processes in the customer journey and funnel to perform different operations inside the messenger application.

Messenger Marketing eCommerce Funnel

A.I.D.A is the most common marketing funnel that fits on every possible industry. It acts as a standard funnel template and if it comes to eCommerce sector this A.I.D.A can be used on another form as mentioned below,

  • Awareness,
  • Browse,
  • Shop,
  • Buy,
  • Retarget,
  • Retention

It is a general eCommerce funnel with a broad array of scope, it may change or expand into many forms and the beauty is chatbots can be used on all stages of your eCommerce funnel(especially bots built-in SilFer Bots platform).

Let’s see how we can use messenger chatbots to supercharge your eCommerce funnel in all stages.


First and foremost stage in the funnel where most of the businesses are struggling is to increase their visibility among their audience and the awareness of the business. 

In this easy to access internet century, it is hard for businesses to show their product in front of their audience before competitors.

Both online and offline is flooded with tons of information and products and every business has its own competitors.

So, as a business person, you need to do something different and noticeable in order to attract new customers to the business.

Online Activities

Your business already had footsteps online and promoting online will be the correct and easiest way to sell more products.

You may be doing all online promotion activities in social media, websites, email campaigns and advertisements. 

But you need to do something different from your competitors to attract more customers and increase awareness(virality) of your campaign.


  • Facebook Comment Tool in our platform to boost your engagement with auto-comment & auto-reply feature. It will draw the attention of your audience and thus increase the visibility of your products and business.
  • Ref URL is another simple and effective tool available in SilFer Bots platform to draw the people to the particular conversation or campaign or product with the help of messenger chatbots. Beauty is that you can use this reference URL everywhere on the internet. Eg: Email Signature, Button, Short URLs, etc.,

Check this article to learn more about – Ref URLs

Offline Activities

If you are doing offline activities for your eCommerce business or physical, messenger bots can help you with increasing the visibility of your product or business in an effective manner.

In our chatbot builder platform, use

QR Code Generator tool to take your brick & mortar store customers into online shopping and start selling the products with the help of messenger bots anywhere & anytime. 

Watch this video to know how to generate QR code for a product inside our platform:


People will start exploring or look for the product they need in your business platform (websites, application, messenger) after knowing about your business.

Here they will surf on categories or products and search the item they want to buy from your store.

With the help of messenger chatbots, you can showcase your product individually or based on other parameters link category, brand, vendor, variants and lot more.

Online Inventory

SilFer Bots has tons of features in its eCommerce module to make sure that you can deliver the best customer experience to your audience throughout the journey.

If you already had online store running on Shopify or WooCommerce platform then you can integrate your online store with our platform in a single click.

All the product and their details can be synced with our platform and you can find them inside the inventory on SilFer Bots application.

Check this video and start synchronising your online store with messenger chatbots through SilFer Bots platform.

What if you don’t have an online store but still want to use messenger bots and sell more?

Native eCommerce Inventory

SilFer Bots has the solution that you can sell your products inside the messenger application with the help of chatbots without having an eCommerce website.

Yes, SilFer Bots has its own eCommerce inventory where you can store all the product and service details virtually without spending any money.

Interesting, right?

Check this live session reply “Building Live eCommerce Messenger Bot with having a Webstore” with Mark Van der Made – CEO of Masa Design and Marketing and our co-founder Vijaya Kumar explaining all major features of eCommerce module in our platform.


This is the stage where conversion becomes a challenging factor. Because of people choices on a product varies based on many parameters like colour, size, material and lot more.

In order to convert more audience in this section, you need to provide all the details including a product’s variation based on multiple parameters to your visitors.

It is possible inside SilFer Bots platform where you can add product and their multiple images along with the variation details


After all the research, suggestions and education about the product, your audience will finally decide to buy the product from your business and they come into this stage in the eCommerce funnel.

Using messenger chatbots build on our platform you can get two choices on where you have to take the audience to buy the product:

  1. Inside the messenger application,
  2. Own Landing Page (if you had any),

Inside Messenger Platform

You can let your customers buy and pay form the products inside the messenger application itself with the help of chatbots. It will save their time and effort because they don’t want to switch between browser and messenger application on their smart devices to purchase products form your business.

Also, it will really help people who don’t have an online store setup that messenger bots can handle all the process till payment inside the messenger application itself and it will help them save money on extra efforts on a website.

Check this video to know how the messenger bots can process the payment from the audience while purchasing.

Own Landing Page

As an alternative, if you want to take the messenger subscribers to your landing page and make them purchase the product that is also possible in our platform.

You can toggle between this feature inside the platform on the eCommerce settings section.

It will help your business on driving more traffic to your landing page and help your customers explore more about your business through the website.

Check this knowledge base article to know more about using landing page while checking out: custom checkout page


Retargeting your visitors is the common method/strategy to sell more in the eCommerce industry(on other industries too)!

This is the golden egg opportunity for every marketer to leverage the metrics on sales because it is easy to sell to the people who already know about the product than the newbie. That is why businesses are giving equal importance to this stage on the eCommerce funnel.

We know this very well and we already made our platform to help you with retargeting processes by collecting the data and subscribers’ behaviour while purchasing.

Use our in-build feature available inside the platform to retarget your audience with even more accuracy and sell more products.

Custom Audience

Create a custom audience with the help of messenger bots by tracking the consumer behaviour and send them the target advertisements which give you the opportunity to spend less money on Ads.

Watch this video and learn how to set the custom audience for your business with messenger chatbots.

Abandoned Cart Notifications

One of the biggest problems to get rid of this eCommerce industry is abandoner carts. Almost 69% of online carts are being abandoned by its users according to the study and it is the main issue that needs to be solved in these days.

In our platform, we had a feature here the messenger bots can trigger the users about the abandoned products in their cart in an automated manner. You need to set up the interval time to send the message after the cart is being abandoned.

This video will show you how you can fix the “abandoned cart message time interval” on our platform.


REPEAT the process to RETAIN the customers.

A marketer always knows that it is easy to sell the product to the old customer than selling the product to a new customer.

So retention is the final and most important step that every business to care of. Because the proper utilization of this stage in the funnel process will help you to earn more profits with fewer efforts.

So your business needs to take care of your customers and upsell them with the same or other products in order to earn more bucks.

SilFer Commerce

The term “SilFer Commerce” has got from our users, since our platform has loads of features stitched for eCommerce modules and with messenger chatbots, you can give the best customer journey along with personalized interactions.

With SilFer Bots, you can build messenger chatbots to supercharge your eCommerce funnel on all stage and process. Reach your audience seamlessly through three channels: messenger, Email and SMS. Use our inbuild AI and provide the best and not-confusing consumer support along with the messenger chatbots with drag and drop builder to make things easy.

Build your bots for FREE and start generating more metrics for your business in an efficient way.