7143 Subscribers from the Referral Program using Messenger Marketing (Case Study)

Online Marketing is evolving, so does marketers & business also. 

Your audience can be everywhere in this online era, mostly on the messenger platforms communicating with their friends & families.

Lots and lots of business and marketers started using messenger marketing to serve the best to their customers and also can leverage their business using messenger chatbots.

SilFer Bots provides the best platform to build messenger chatbots to give the best value and service to your customers in an automated manner. You can build the complete messenger marketing strategy to reach more potential audience, sell more business and also provide customer support to your audience on SilFer Bots platform.

This blog post is a case study on How our customer Blevenec Martinien acquired messenger subscribers through a referral program with the help of messenger chatbots built on SilFer Bots platform.

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Blevenec Martinien found the e-learning & event management company called Blemama to provide online courses to the required audience as well as an event management system to promote and sell tickets for various events on his target location.

He creates a marketing program for his business using messenger marketing and messenger chatbots to get more leads and audience.


In simple terms, getting more people to his business and reaching more people is the objective. The main goal of his messenger marketing campaign is to reach more audience for his business and acquire more messenger subscribers through his campaign.

Well, his campaign worked and he got more than 6000+ subscribers through this messenger campaign.


Since his goal is to get more subscribers for his messenger channel as well to get more visibility about his visibility, he needs to do a promotion that can include messenger also.

What did he do to get that many subscribers in 3 weeks?

What can you do generally?

A Facebook Ad Campaign!

A Giveaway contest!

A shoutout!

Or you can do any other creative methods to get more subscribers.

But Blevenec did a referral program for his business with the help of messenger chatbots built-in SilFer Bots platform to gain those subscribers in 3 weeks.

Yes, a referral program to gain more subscribers with the help of SilFer Bots pre-built referral program template from the marketplace!

Referral Program - SilFer Bots

So how did he do that?

Well, he used the referral template from our marketplace to make things easier for his business.

Since we already have built some templates on Marketplace for certain business & flows to make “Things Easy”, he installed the referral program template to his chatbot.

After done with some customization and changes based on his requirement & needs (YES the templates in the Marketplace are customisable) on the existing template, he published that on his chatbot to see the action.

At first, he needed a few peoples to kick-start the referral chain so that it will grow and reach more people.

Why SilFer Bots for Messenger Referral Program?

Since SilFer Bots is offering the complete messenger marketing solution, we are helping business & marketers to reach and communicate with their audience effectively with the help of messenger chatbots.

And the user need no-coding knowledge to create a messenger chatbot for their own.

SilFer Bots can help people to create messenger chatbots in an easy way within minutes. We also develop the platform to get it used for marketing, sales and also for customer support in an automated manner. Our users can integrate their chatbot with lots of other platforms to make the automation more easy and time-saving.

Features used in SilFer Bots:

Our messenger marketing platform had lots of tools to make your messenger marketing efforts easy and efficient. Here for this referral program on messenger, he used

  • Triggers & Actions,
  • REF Parameter,
  • Messenger chat flow basic builder.

Triggers & Actions

On SilFer Bots, triggers and actions feature used to send a particular flow or message, perform an action when certain action triggered on the chat flow. He used this feature for multiple operations like,

  1. Increase the point when a new user comes from referral,
  2. Increase the point when new user get subscribed,
  3. Decrease the point at a certain period and actions.

SilFer Bots helped him to automate the referral campaign and allocate the points to the users participated in his referral campaign.

Messenger Marketing Triggers & Actions tool

REF Parameter

Since he used the automated method for his referral program, he doesn’t need to put his hands-on every time in this progress. Because messenger chatbots will take care of things (when it was built efficiently) on this referral program.

But what if he needs to evaluate the progress of this campaign?

He needs to track the values of this referral progress, right?

That’s why he used the REF Parameter on SilFer Bots to track and analyse the progress of messenger chatbots on a particular campaign.

Messenger Marketing REF Parameter tool

Messenger Chatflow Basic Builder

SilFer Bots supports basic builder (as of now) to create the messenger chat flow as per your need. This basic builder will let you use many actions and features for creating an engaging and converting messenger chat flows.

He created the chat flow which led the user to sign-up referral campaign. He used different format of information like text, images, gallery, and also he used a separate flow to let his participants know the points earned at any time during the referral campaign. 

The chat flow with simple steps in an engaging way helps him to acquire more subscribers through messenger chatbots.

SilFer Bots basic chat flow builder


You can use this referral or viral program with messenger marketing at any stage of your development.

Prepare an omnichannel marketing approach with messenger like email outreach, social media, Ads, website and lots of other platforms to get the maximum result out of it.

Viral & referral campaign can help you to gain a CRAZY amount of messenger subscribers in a short period of time when it’s done in a creative & efficient way. 

We showed the potential of referral campaign along with messenger marketing. 

Now it’s your turn to take a seat and build the messenger chatbot for your business.

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