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In this article, you are going to know how to give your team members or clients admin access to manage the bot functionalities. SilFer Bots has multiple options to choose the management access level of your team members in this platform.

To add admin, Tap the menu and go to “Settings” followed by “Admin” tab.

settings - silfer bots

On the “Team” column click the “Edit” button.

Team settings - silfer bots

Next, you need to click “Add Admin” to proceed further.

Add new admin

A popup will appear with a link. You have to copy that link and send it to the person to whom you want to add as an admin.

admin request link

Ask that person to click that link and they will get another link in return. Ask that person to send that newly generated link to you.

Admin confirmation link

Then, you need to click the new link sent by that person to add them as admin.

Here is the interesting part.

You can give multiple levels of access to your team members or clients mentioned below,

admin access level

Choose the options and save this selection to make that person as admin of your messenger chatbot.

Note: You can edit the admin credentials anytime you want.

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