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Instead of sending boring, lousy replies you can send entertaining and engaging replies by including multiple formats of contents. This will make your subscriber to interact with your messenger chatbot more easily and likely.


Text block in SilFer Bots is used to convey the information to your subscribers through messenger chatbots like a reply. Build conversational, engaging and informational text blocks in a short and crisp manner. 

Because most people will get frustrated when you send 300 words of text message as a reply while communicating.

You can use,

  • Text,
  • Symbols,
  • Numbers,
  • Variables (custom field), and also 
  • Emojis

On the text, block to build your chat flow.

This is the preview of the text block usage in the SilFer Bots platform.

Text Block SilFer Bots

Note: There is no character limit on this text block, you can use “n” number of words to make your messenger chat flow better.


Sending pictures or images while conversing with others makes it more fun and also useful in some cases. 

You can upload unlimited images from your device.

Image Block - SilFer Bots

Note: The preferred resolution for the images are 909×476 px so that it will show properly on all devices (because each and every device’s screen size & resolution is different, right?).

Or else, you can use 500×262 px resolution (but, it may experience some low-quality appearance sometimes), because most people won’t find the identify the quality between those resolutions.

Image resolution on messenger chatbot


Include video to your chatbot conversation strategy to keep the flow engaging. Select the “Video” block on the flow builder to upload your video.

Note that you can upload video up to 25 MB, any videos that exceed 25 MB limit you can be included in the chat flow using video’s URL on Facebook.

video upload silfer bots

You can use these two methods while uploading and it’s based on the size of the video (not more than 25 MB).


Audio files with personalised messages and notes, even signature music can also be added into your chatbot conversation strategy.

Select the audio block on the builder and upload the audio file from your device using the wizard on the flow builder (as shown in the image below).


All kind of file can also be transferred through the messenger chatbot and it will help you to send the brochures, invitations, e-cards, etc.

Click the “File” block on the chat flow builder and upload the file which you need to send to your subscribers through messenger chatbots. 


To keep the messenger chatbot conversation with your subscribers fun, use “GIF” block and build more engagement.

You can upload your own gif file (if you want) through the “Image” block or use can simply click the “GIF” block on the builder and search the gif creative you want from Giphy.

gif on messenger chatbot

If you have any other doubts or queries, visit other articles on the knowledge base or ask the community to get help or contact our support to get your doubts cleared.

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