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This kind of chat flow builder components give additional power to your messenger chatbots by using some function blocks like collection, delay, galley, and card.


Using images can bring more engagement with your messenger chatbots. Along with this image, we can add more information like title, description and button (to start a new flow or to visit website). 

To use this feature, click “Card” block on the chat flow builder and fill the information as per your need.

card block - silfer bots

Every Card on has five fields to utilise, and they are

  1. Image – Upload your card image here (Horizontal or vertical),
  2. Title – Add your card title here (Limit – 80 Characters),
  3. Description – Add your card description here (Limit – 80 Characters),
  4. Card URL – Add URL here, so when your subscriber click the image they will go to that URL
  5. Button – Add buttons as per your purpose (Limit – 3 Buttons Max.)
card block preview - silfer bots

Note: The preferred resolution for the images are 909×476 px so that it will show properly on all devices (because each and every device’s screen size & resolution is different, right?).

Or else, you can use 500×262 px resolution (but, it may experience some low-quality appearance sometimes), because most people won’t find the identify the quality between those resolutions.

supported image - silfer bots


Gallery is nothing but a carousel of cards.

Image size & resolution, title, description, card URL, buttons are the same as in cards.

You can create and use 10 swipeable cards in a row if you need.

galley preview - silfer bots


Note: This is a pro-feature

Collection works similarly like the gallery, but it has some advanced things that you can display a carousel of your products, events, elections, news, customer FAQs, and vendors in a manual or automated manner to your subscribers.

collection block - silfer bots

Select the “Collection” block (red dot in the image) on the flow builder and configure the setup wizard with proper details to bring the carousel on your messenger chatbot conversation when needed.

collection setup wizard - silfer bots

This is how the “Collection” block setup wizard looks like and you now you have to configure this.

  • Data Type: Select which types of information that you wants to show in a carousel format. It may be products, events, election, news, FAQs, or vendors.
  • Collection Type: It can be done in an automated manner or by manual selection of the product or event.
  • Conditions: if you choose to automate the collection process on your messenger chatbot, then you have to apply some conditions on what category or vendor or attributes products have to display.
  • Schedule-Time: This field is to schedule the collection block to display the carousel in future.

Short-Delay (Typing)

Human touch is one of the main objectives that hard to implement to a chatbot. But if you can think from the opposite (customer side) along with some creativity, the human touch to the chatbot is possible. 

This short-delay block feature will help you by adding more human touch to your messenger chatbot.

short delay - silfer bots

You can choose the typing delay of you messenger chatbot as per your which, and the messenger chatbot will display the typing wave to your subscriber on the messenger platform.

short delay configuration - silfer bots

Note: Using this short-delay feature for some long-delay (like 7 or 8 seconds may affect the user experience of your messenger chatbot. So you this feature wisely.

Smart Delay

Note: This is a Pro-feature

Notifying subscribers about the order and reminding them about product update or event update will be useful for your subscribers to keep in track with their business and it will also help you to get in touch with your subscribers.

smart delay - silfer bots

Now you have to configure this smart-delay feature to make it works as per your requirement.

smart delay configuration - silfer bots

Here in this smart-delay setup, 

  • Duration: Select the message delay time with respect to hours, days or even minutes.
  • Time Interval: Choose the time interval (for example, working hours) to configure your smart delayed message get delivered on that time slot.
  • Message Tags: Choose the message tag on this field which matches for your smart delayed message.

That’s it. Now you can add message after this block.

If you have any other doubts or queries, visit other articles on the knowledge base or ask the community to get help or contact our support to get your doubts cleared.

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