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Chat flow builder in SilFer Bots platform gives you two options to create the messenger chat flow on your choice.

  • Basic Builder,
  • Visual Builder

Messenger chat flows can be built on both types of the builder, the only difference is that you have to use blocks method for building a conversation on the basic builder and have to use flow method to build a conversation on the visual builder.

Basic Builder

If you want to build simple, easy and small numbers of blocks then a basic builder is easy for you. You can also build complex flows design on the basic and it completely depends on your choice.

This is how the basic builder looks like:

basic flow builder - silfer bots

You can use all builder features like media, gif, actions, smart delay, condition, randomizer, dynamic content, user input, OTNR, etc.

You can preview and publish the flow in this mode. Also, you can access additional features like rename, duplicate, delete, JSON for Ads, and all other additional features (shown in the image below) in this basic builder mode. 

additional features on basic flow builder

Note: You can’t use the comment feature of the flow builder in this basic builder mode.

Visual Builder

Building long, complex flows with too many logics like condition and randomizer can be made using this visual flow builder method.

This builder will help you to see the complete conversation flow design in a simple and easy manner. So that you will not get confused while getting struck on building the conversations.

This is how the flow builder looks like:

overview of visual flow builder

In this above image,

1. The content block where you need to feed all the contents, logics and action while building the conversation flow.

2. Multiple tabs that will let you choose & utilise different features inside the conversation flow of chatbot.

3. Workspace where you can add any number of cards.

4. Flow connectors used to connect the two different cards. You have to drag them to connect with other cards. If you need to delete a particular connector, place the mouse cursor on the connector to get the delete icon.

flow connectors

5. “+” (Add) button will let you include additional cards, new flows, action, condition, randomizer, smart delay, comments like as shown in the image below.

"add more" feature on visual flow builder

6. Both magnifying lenses will let you zoom in or zoom out the flows inside the workspace. It will be helpful while building large size of conversational flow.

7. Sprinkle wand here is to make things easy by arranging the steps easily. It will auto-align the whole steps in seconds to make it easy for you to work or visualize.

8. Little blue box at the right-bottom of your workspace is to show the live preview of your flow structures. The yellow box inside will give you the position of the current cards which are shown on the workspace to you.

9. Preview on the top-right corner to check how the flow works before making it live and has a publish button to save progress. Note that you can’t use the flow unless you publish the work or else it will not work properly.

10. Explore the additional features that can be used inside the flow builder using this menu button. 

additional features on visual flow builder

11. You can switch back to the basic builder anytime between the progress.

That is it. Now you know the details of the basic and visual builder.

Start building amazing chatbots to amaze your subscribers.

Hope this article helps you to know about the “Chatflow builder” feature on the SilFer Bots platform.

If you have any other doubts or queries, visit other articles on the knowledge base or interact with our community or contact our support to get your doubts cleared.

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