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You can connect many pages as you want on the SilFer Bots platform and connecting New Page to the SilFer Bots is always an easy step.

But, you don’t have to “Get Started Free” again to connect a new page every time.

It can be done inside the platform itself.

In SilFer Bots platform, click the menu button and select the drop-down button nearby the page name (located exactly where it is shown in the image below).

SilFer Bots Menu

Then select the “+ Connect New Page” option to add a new page to the SilFer Bots platform.

Connect New Facebook Page

Then you need to click the “continue” button to make sure that you are an Admin of the Facebook page which you are planning to connect with SilFer Bots platform.

Admin Confirmation

Now, sign in with your Facebook account to get the page details that you are managing.

Facebook Account Confirmation

Now its time to select the page that you need to connect with SilFer Bots platform and click “Connect” button located opposite to the Facebook page which you wants to integrate.

Connect Facebook Page

Then “Subscribe to the Updates” to receive notification from your messenger chatbot to your messenger inbox and also for other features like preview flows, live chat notification, etc.,

You had successfully added a new Facebook page with SilFer Bots platform. Now you can create messenger chatbots for your purpose.

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