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Custom fields in the SilFer Bots acts like the variables to store the user information like email, phone number, preference, and lot more based on your requirement and bot building process.

This is how it is described inside the platform “Use custom fields to save users data like email, phone number … you can also use custom fields to save users’ behaviour. You can create a condition Flow based on custom fields or filter your user based on custom fields when you send a broadcast message.”

Custom field data can be stored in different formats like,

  • Text,
  • Number,
  • Date, 
  • Date & Time,
  • True/False
custom field in SilFer Bots

Create a Custom Field

You can create the custom field on the flow section.

Goto Menu > Flows > Custom Fields to see the list of custom fields you made till now.

You can also create the bot field here itself.

Create new custom field in Silfer Bots

In this image, you can fill the name and type as per your need and don’t forget to fill the details about the custom field on the description field. Even though it is optional, this information will help you in the future when you have multiple custom fields in future.

You can also create a “Bot field” by enabling the option below the description field below.

Now will see how we can use this custom field on the chat flow to store the user information on the flow automatically.

Using Custom Field on the Chat Flow

If you already created the custom field to save the user input (information), it’s fine. Or you also can create custom field while building chat flow also.

Select the flow where you want to use this custom field feature.

On the flow, utilise “User Input” to gather input from your subscribers (similar to the image below).

User Input on Chat flow

Then select “Free Keyboard Input” to configure the custom field wizard. 

Now, choose the custom field if you had created already or you can create a new custom field here in the wizard itself.

Create Custom field

When any subscriber on this flow provides the input on this user input, it will get stored on the custom field named “prefered color – laptop bags”.

This is how it will reflect on your subscribers.

User Response preview

This is how the chat flow is constructed,

Chat Flow Demo

And this user input will be stored on the respective custom field as we said before. You can see those custom field information on the individual audience details.

Custom Field in Audience Field

You can see the Green color which the user gives was stored on the respective custom field. 

Hope this article helps you to understand more about custom field feature in SilFer Borts platform.

If you still have any doubts, visit other articles on knowledge base or ask the community to get help or contact our support to get your doubts cleared.

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