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This article is about the menu options inside the messenger chatbot flow builder. You can find a lot of useful information in this menu. 

flow builder menu options in silfer bots

Inside the flow builder menu,

  • Rename – You can edit the flow name here.
  • Duplicate – You can make a copy of the existing flow.
  • Draft Link –  This link will let non-admin members of the bot to access the unpublished flows.
  • Published Link – This link will let you access the published flow
  • Copy to Another Page – You can copy the complete to another Facebook page
  • JSON for Ads – Get your JSON for Facebook Ads
  • Payload for Ads – Get your Payload for Facebook Ads
  • Revert to Published –  It will undo all things in the flow builder and gives you a fresh flow. Note: This option is reversible and if you use that option by mistake, click undo on the header.

Hope this article helps you to understand the additional (hidden) features in the flow builder.

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