Follow-up using Messenger Chatbots

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Many people are raising the doubt that “Is it possible to make a follow-up using messenger chatbots?”

Well, all business need to do a followup the leads to nurture them and you can send a follow-up message with the help of chatbots in an automated manner.

Beauty is that you can send messages in a personalised and engaging manner which makes your audience feels that they are not being sold.

You can use smart delays, send followup flow manually from the audience section if your subscriber is inside the 24-hour window. If he/she is outside of the 24-hour window, then you can use Email/SMS from SilFer bots to send the followup message.

Make sure you place the hook(call-to-action) on the email/SMS to get the subscriber back to your messenger chatbot using REF URL and start sending them personalised messages to convert them into your customers.

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