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In the SilFer Bots platform, eCommerce sections have separate settings where you can customize most of the things related to the eCommerce.

Basically, we divided this eCommerce settings into two four divisions as of now. They are

  1. General,
  2. Payments,
  3. Shipping,
  4. Checkout
eCommerce Settings  SilFer Bots

In this article, we will see the general setting in the SilFer Bots eCommerce section.

And this is what the general settings in the eCommerce section look like.

General eCommerce Settings - SilFer Bots

In this settings tab,

Open Hours – You can choose the open and away hours of your business in this field. You messenger chatbot will let your subscribers know when you were away & available. If you want to choose the opening hours of the business, click the blue text “here” in the open hours’ description column. If you are willing to serve your customers 24*7, choose always open in the drop-down menu.

Facebook Pixel Code – Here you need to paste your Facebook’s pixel code to track the progress and conversion of your subscribers. These data will help you with targeting your customers with ads.

Abandoned Cart Message – You can select the time when the abandoned cart message has to be triggered automatically by your messenger chatbots. Note: Minimum is 5 minutes and Maximum is 23 hours, you can also disable this feature if you don’t want to utilise this for your business.

Image Size – Here you can control the size and aspects of your product’s image have to display to your subscribers. You can choose between small (square) & Medium (Rectangle) to showcase your products.

Allow to Rate Orders –  By enabling this field you can allow the customers to rate order and write a review if they are not satisfied with the order. Only bot admins can see the rate and reviews.

Allow to Change Rate – You can enable this field if you want your customers to change the rate for an order.

Send Notification when Change Cart Status – The customer will receive notifications whenever you change the order status. You can’t disable notification for order cancellation and for order conclusion.

Hope this article helps you to know more about “General Settings” in our eCommerce module on SilFer Bots platform.

If you have any other doubts or queries, visit other articles on the knowledge base or interaction with our community or contact our support to get your doubts cleared.

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