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LeadSquared is the complete marketing automation and CRM software for all types of business. You can manage your lead details, sales details and analytics details in one platform to increase the sales with high efficiency.
Here is the tutorial video on integration and automating user details sync with LeadSquared from our youtube channel.

In this article, you will know how to integrate LeadSquared with SillFer Bots and acquire leads on the flow to your CRM software. 

Follow the steps to integrate LeadSquared with SilFer Bots platform.


Step 1: Select Menu on the top-left corner of the page.

SilFer Bots Settings

Step 2: Go to Settings and Select Integrations on the top menu. 

SilFer Bots Integrations

Step 3: Search for LeadSquared Integration and enter the API key to proceed further. 

LeadSquared Integration in SilFer Bots

You can find the API key on your LeadSquared account settings. Or else the following link will help you to find the API key on this CRM platform: https://apidocs.leadsquared.com/api-host/

Good, Now we will see how to get leads on the flow using messenger chatbots to send them automatically to the CRM software.

Collecting Leads

Select the flow you want to collect the user details as leads and collect the subscribers using “User Input” feature on the flow. 

Then select the “Action” tab on the chat flow builder. Among many options, click “Add user to LeadSquared” to configure the particular action setup wizard.

SilFer Bots Action Tab

Now, select the action function (“Add User to LeadSquared” function) on the flow to open a pop-up window. Use this option after getting subscribers details using the “User Input” option.

Action option on basic builder

On that setup wizard, enter the email field (custom field) which you had assigned to store the emails and contact number details (Custom field) which you had used to store the phone numbers.

LeadSquared Setup wizard

You can also add additional information like (preference, choice and many more as per your requirement) as separate custom fields which you already had in LeadSquared. 

LeadSquared Setup wizard - Custom field

Hope the above details may help you to integrate & sync subscribers details with LeadSquared on the flow automatically without any human intervention.

If you still have any doubts or queries, contact customer support through the messenger chat bubble at the left bottom.

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