Can I send messages only to the members who are active at that moment?

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You can send messages to your subscribers’ who are not active at the moment using the live chat feature.

Note that you can’t send automated chat flows or broadcast to the user outside the 24-hour window since Facebook has changed its Messenger policy changes from March 4, 2020.

Check our blog post Guide to Facebook Messenger Policy Changes – March 4, 2020, to know more.

If your subscriber is inside the 24- hour window but not active at the moment, you can reach them out through the Facebook Page inbox. They will receive a notification in their messenger application about your message.

What if your subscriber is out of the 24-hour window and also not active at the moment, but still you want to reach them by sending a message?

Well, you can use SMS and Email integration features inside our platform to reach your audience and get them back to your messenger chatbot.

Hope this article help you to answer the above question on when to reach your audience.

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