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If we can’t filter the data for our convenience, then the analytics serve no purpose. RIght?

The dashboard is the first & important section in the SilFer Bots platform where you will get analytics of your messenger chatbot performance.

From the number of subscribers you had to user detail by gender & language, you can find the information in this dashboard section. Most of the details in one place.

It serves as the analytics of your messenger marketing efforts to show how things are growing around using messenger chatbots.

To make it easy for our users and to equate the bot performance on a certain limit, we had sorting feature inside the dashboard.

The above image highlighted the sort feature present inside the SilFer Bots platform. You can sort the data based on the date.

You can sort the data by week or month or days or lifetime or even a custom interval.

It will help you to understand more about the bot performance based on particular days or campaigns.

Hope this article helps you to know about the “Variables” feature on the SilFer Bots platform.

If you have any other doubts or queries, visit other articles on the knowledge base or interact with our community or contact our support to get your doubts cleared.

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