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Create a rule and automate the tasks inside the messenger chatbot to induce certain actions. It will add additional power to your chatbots so that it will take the automation to the next level. 

To go to this section, navigate to Menu > Tools > Triggers & Actions and click “Add Rule” to create a new one.

triggers & actions

The table below the “Add Rule” button will show you the details of every rule which you had created and its status whether it is active or not. 

You can also edit & delete the rules by selecting the menu located next to every rule on the table.

Create a Rule

After clicking the “Add Rule” button on the main page on “Triggers & Actions” section, our platform will take you into setup page that looks like the image below,

creating rule in silfer bots

Here on this page, you will have two columns – Triggers & Actions.

Triggers – You can choose any trigger from our platform by clicking the blue “+ Trigger” button. In SilFer Bots platform, you had 15 trigger option like,

  • Tag applied
  • Tag removed
  • Subscribed to Sequence
  • Unsubscribed from Sequence
  • Custom field value changed
  • New subscriber
  • New order
  • Cart Abandoned
  • Order concluded
  • Order cancelled
  • Live chat enabled
  • Live chat disabled
  • User referred a new user
  • User referred existing user
  • User unsubscribed from bot

Choose any of the above triggers and can use as many triggers as possible as you can for a single rule.

Actions – Actions are the task your messenger chatbot will perform for that particular trigger (rule). You can choose any actions based on your need by selecting the orange “+ Action” button. You will get 36 actions on the drop-down list like,

  • Add Tag
  • Remove Tag
  • Set Custom Field
  • Clear Custom Field
  • Notify Admins Pro
  • Subscribe to Sequence
  • Unsubscribe from Sequence
  • Start Another Flow
  • Enable Live Chat
  • Disable Live Chat
  • Enable Message Composer
  • Disable Message Composer
  • Google Sheets Pro
  • Dynamic Request Pro
  • Trigger Zap Pro
  • Trigger Integromat Pro
  • Facebook Custom Audience Pro
  • Add User to MailChimp List Pro
  • Add User to ActiveCampaign Pro
  • Add User to Moosend List Pro
  • Add User to PipeDrive Pro
  • Add User to PlatformLy Pro
  • Add User to getResponse Pro
  • Add User to MailerLite Pro
  • Add User to Klaviyo Pro
  • Add User to Leadsquared Pro
  • Send SMS Pro
  • Set SMS Opt-In Pro
  • Set SMS Opt-Out Pro
  • Set User Persistent Menu
  • Cancel Pending User Input
  • Clear Shopping Cart
  • Subscribe to bot
  • Unsubscribe from bot
  • Format Date/Date & Time
  • Apply Coupon Code

Choose the needy action that will suit the trigger and start automating the rules by saving the process.

You can choose the number of times a rule can be used by the messenger chatbot.

You can find this option above the “Action” column as we highlighted in this image below.

rules customization

You can select,

  • Once per User – If you want to use this rule for only one time for a user.
  • Any Number of Times – If you can you any number of times to all users.

You can activate & deactivate a rule at any time by simply enabling/disabling the rule on the table in the status column.

Hope this knowledge article helps you to know about the “Trigger & Actions” tool on the SilFer Bots platform.

If you have any other doubts or queries, visit other articles on the knowledge base or interaction with our community or contact our support to get your doubts cleared.

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