How to see user information?

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Audience section in SilFer Bots platform will give you the detailed information of all the messenger subscribers that you had acquired with the help of messenger chatbots.

To go to the audience section, navigate through Menu > Audience.

This is how the audience section in the SilFer Bots platform looks like,

Basic User information like

  • Name
  • Last Seen
  • Language
  • When they Opted-in?
  • How they Opted-through?

can be viewed in the audience section.

Select the menu on the top-left corner and explore the list of navigations to learn more features.

If you want to get more information about the subscribers’ click the name of the subscriber to get the complete details of a particular user.

This is how the individual audience section looks like in the SilFer Bots platform,

You can find all the information that you need for your messenger marketing campaign in this individual audience section.

Hope this article helps you to know more “How to view user information” inside the SilFer Bots platform.

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